7 iPhone Apps for Cat Lovers

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Lil BubWhether you have a cat of your own or just love cats, there are plenty of apps available for smartphones to provide entertainment or information. However, with so many to choose from, it is hard to know what apps to download. Fortunately, here are 7 iPhone apps for cat lovers to help fulfill your needs:

1. Cat Training

Cat Training iPhone AppAlthough many people do not give cats enough credit, they can be trained to do tricks or behave well just like dogs. With the Cat Training app, cat lovers can get advice on litter-box training, scratching, jumping on tables, and more.

2. Cat First Aid

Cat First Aid iPhone AppThe Cat First Aid app by PetMD is a database containing information about what to do in a variety of emergency situations. The app offers immediate and clear advice about what to do in certain situations until you can get to the nearest veterinarian. The app is a must for any cat owner because it can potentially save your feline friend’s life. 

3. Cat Guide

Cat Guide iPhone AppThe Cat Guide app is handy for learning about different cat breeds. Not only will the app help you distinguish between breeds based on appearances, but you will also get to know different breed characteristics. The app can be especially helpful if you are considering bringing a new kitten or cat home.

4. MiPets – Pet Info Organizer

MiPets iPhone AppThe MiPets app is helpful for keeping track of information about your cats, such as:

  • Vaccinations
  • Medical needs
  • Food preferences
  • Veterinarian contact information
  • Appointment dates

Not only can the MiPets app keep track of basic information, but it also allows cat lovers to store and send pictures and information to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

5. Catbook

CatBook iPhone AppCatbook
is an app that allows cat lovers (and other animal lovers) to post pictures and statuses about their pets. Just like with Facebook, cat lovers can locate other cat lovers to “friend” them. Additionally, if your cat becomes lost, you can post “Meow Alerts” to let everyone in your area know and how they can contact you.

6. Cat Game

Cat Game iPhone AppIf you are not worried about your iPhone becoming damaged, then the Cat Game app is for you. The app provides a red laser dot on the screen that your cat can try to catch. While it is entertaining for both you and your pet, just be aware that damage may be done to both the iPhone and your hand.

7. Simon’s Cat in ‘Purrfect Pitch’

Simon's Cat iPhone AppIf you are a fan of the British comic featuring a misbehaving cat known only as Simon’s Cat, then the Simon’s Cat in ‘Purrfect Pitch’ app is sure to provide entertainment. With the app, users can compose their own music and have Simon’s Cat sing it back. However, if composing music does not interest you, you can instead complete musical challenges set by Simon’s Cat.

With these 7 iPhone apps for cat lovers, you are sure to get valuable use out of your smartphone for both you and your cat.

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