9 Cosplay Ideas For Comic Con 2016

Comic book movies have invaded pop culture giving cosplayers a ton of great options for their next costume. Based on the current movie landscape, here are 9 cosplay ideas that will be big hits at comic con in 2016.

Deadpool – Movie Version

Deadpool cosplayers are a staple of every comic book convention. With the success of the 2015 film though, cosplayers will have a new costume to prepare and show off.

Harley Quinn – “Suicide Squad’ Version

Whether or not you love or hate this new iteration of Harley Quinn, it’s sure to be a top pick among cosplayers. The “Suicide Squad” version of The Joker’s gal is great cosplay idea for 2016.

Batman – “Batman v. Superman” Version

Ben Affleck’s Batman was heralded by many as the best big screen version of The Dark Knight. It didn’t hurt that he had an awesome costume, one that will be a popular choice by cosplayers in 2016.

Wonder Woman – “Batman v. Superman” Version

Wonder Woman didn’t have much dialogue in BvS, but she made the most of her limited screen time. Her costume was a bit different from her comic book version, so this unique take would make a great costume for cosplaying at a comic book convention.

Doctor Strange – Movie Version

We haven’t seen much of Doctor Strange’s movie costume, but there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the project. I’m sure many cosplayers are hard at work vying to have the first movie-accurate costume of this fan-favorite.

Rey – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Rey was a main character is a Star Wars film. That alone would be enough to get her on this list. Daisy Ridley’s portrayal put her over the top though, making her one of the top cosplay ideas for 2016.

Black Panther – “Captain America: Civil War” Version

Black Panther made a big impact in “Civil War”. He played a major role and had an awesome costume. It’s easy to see why he’ll be a popular cosplay choice in 2016.

Ghostbusters – Reboot Movie Version

There’s a lot of hate for the Ghostbusters right now with the latest trailers rating unfavorably. The cast, writers and directors are very talented though and a good film can wash away the bad press and make the lady Ghostbusters a solid choice for cosplayers.

Spider-Man – “Captain America: Civil War” Version

After Spider-Man stole the spotlight in “Captain America: Civil War”, there are bound to be cosplayers hard at working creating a costume based on this version of the beloved character. Already a top cosplay target, this appearance should elevate Spidey even further.


With all of these options, it’s a great time to cosplay at comic con. Which would you choose?

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