Acer Iconia A100 vs Nook Color: Final Thoughts

After playing around with the two units for close to a week, I decided to return the Iconia A100. There were a few reasons for sticking with the Nook Color.

During a few battery tests, I found the Nook Color to last much longer. After a period of moderate use and some time sitting with the screen off, the Nook Color was dropped to 92% of battery life, while the A100 had dropped to 81% with the same amount of activity. Keep in mind that I’ve been using the Nook Color since Christmas, so that battery may not be holding a charge as well as a new unit would.

I also found that, at least for me, Honeycomb did not provide a substantial upgrade over Gingerbread. Yes, it is a much more polished tablet OS and it works well. I just couldn’t figure out what I would be losing by sticking with the Nook Color.

Price was another issue. The Iconia A100 is fairly priced at the moment if you buy it through Walmart. They are offering it for $328 with a $50 Walmart gift card back, essentially dropping the price to $278. While this is only $28 more than a new Nook Color, it doesn’t take into account the fact that I already own the Nook. If I were looking to purchase one of the two right now, I may have chosen differently.

Build quality was another issue that pointed me to the Nook Color. The Nook feels more durable and has a nice tactile back, while the Iconia A100 is a bit slippery.

My final reason for sticking with the Nook Color, is that it’s great for people who like to mess around with different operating systems and roms. The Nook Color is pretty much idiot proof. If you mess anything up, you can just do 8 failed boots in a row to return to stock (don’t take my word on this though as things may have changed since I started messing with mine).

Overall, I like the Acer Iconia A100, just not as much as my Nook Color.

3 thoughts on “Acer Iconia A100 vs Nook Color: Final Thoughts

  1. Jeff says:

    I have both. It is a tough call. But since I got the A100 for $228 (long story). It is a keeper. Nook still has some positives to this unit that is for sure. Plus the fun factor with the Nook and CM7 upgrades. The extras the developers keep coming up with on the Nook keep that platform fresh. There are still more bugs in Honeycomb 3.2 than I expected.

  2. Yaroslav says:

    Hi! What is the stability of the NookColor in honeycomb 3.0? Installing applications from the Market by normal?

    thanks in advance!

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