Bad Beat Hunter – Atlantic City Poker Room App for Android

Bad Beat Hunter Android App

bad-beat-hunter-appAnyone who plays poker in Atlantic City knows what the Bad Beat is. For those who don’t know, a bad beat is when a very strong hand gets beaten by an even stronger hand. During normal poker room play, the casino pools a portion of each hand, usually $1 from each pot and places that into the bad beat jackpot. For the purposes of casino bad beat jackpots, usually a hand of four dueces or better needs to be beaten for the bad beat to occur.

When a qualifying hand is beaten, the badbeat jackpot is triggered. A large percentage of the jackpot (20-40%) goes to the loser of the hand, a smaller percentage (%20-30%) goes to the winner and the rest is divided among either the remaining players at the table, or all the players in the room. The Bad Beat Hunter app (and website) provide poker players with up to date information on the current bad beat jackpots for all casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Users can also update the jackpot right from the application or website.

Full Disclosure: I host this app on the Google Play Market. Bad Beat Hunter is managed by Poker Room Insider.

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