Blast Monkeys Volcano World Level 24

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to beat Blast Monkeys Volcano World Level 24. As it turns out, it seems to be more difficult to beat on certain phones. On my friends EVO 4G, I was able to beat it on my third try, but it took probably 40-50 tries on my Droid X. To get the timing right on this level, you need to wait until the cannon completes its initial turn to the left and starts heading back to the right. If you fire at this point, you may get lucky and reach the upper current at the right time in order to reach the goal. After playing numerous times, I’ve found that often I get stuck on the up-current, and occasionally hit the upper current, but end up hitting the turnstile before reaching the goal. Keep trying though, as you’ll eventually get the timing just right and complete the level with all 3 bananas.

8 thoughts on “Blast Monkeys Volcano World Level 24

  1. Z says:

    Easy to beat with 1… not easy to get 3.

    First time I needed help on a level lol..

    I can get the bottom 2.. but get stuck on the right updraft… :/

    • Jay says:

      Help please level 22 volcano cant do it last one I need tried to hit them from every angle and get multiple bananas at same time bit no darn it

      Thanks tried to post the other day but it doesnt seem to be here

  2. blaster says:

    on moto droid it appears impossible to beat. The bottom two bananas are gettable, but then you just get stuck in the updraft…not enough power to push you up far enough. Or, you can get the righthand bottom banana and shoot up high enough in the process to get the top banana and reach the goal. Your explanation above makes no mention of how you get the lefthand bottom banana. I say it’s unbeatable as currently written. The latest update claimed to “fix” volcano vent issues, so I thought this level would be helped…but alas it was not.

  3. Christian says:

    Ok, so I have unlocked 9 worlds in this game and have 120% on every single on of them EXCEPT the volcano world… i am missing 1%, because i cannot figure out how to get the third banana in level 30. I have got all other bananas in the whole game… why can’t i get that single one?

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