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CloudRobot – Just Like Real Steel, Only Real

Cloud Robot

…and probably not steel. CloudRobot isn’t the most descriptive name for this product, though Rock ‘Em Sock “Em Robots on Steroids might have been taken already. What you’re looking at above is a bluetooth controlled, mass produced fighting robot. Sort of like a Real Steel, Gen 1. Sure, they don’t pack a mean punch (or […]

A World Without Steve Jobs – Apple Death or Apple Rebirth?

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs transformed the digital world we live in. He was brilliant, innovative and many other things, some of which not so flattering. But despite his flaws, or maybe because of them, he changed the way we use computers and phones; the way we interact with the world; the way we manage our digital content […]

Kickstarter Update: GameStick Adds Features

GameStick Dock With Accessories

After going over $400,000 in pledges, the makers of GameStick (see our original post here) announced the GameStick Dock, amulti-function accessory that allows you to wirelessly charge the GameStick controller, store content on a full sized SD card, connect peripherals and using APS, power the stick. The dock is an optional accessory but is sure […]