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Giant Size Skeletor Action Figure

Giant Size Skeletor 2

At first glance, you’d probably think that you were looking at a Skeletor action figure from the 80’s. What you don’t realize though is that the Skeletor you’re looking at is over 4 feet tall. The guys at DDG Colecciones went ahead and built a near life-size reproduction of the classic Skeletor action figure. The […]

Custom Vinyl Figure Contest from Stan Lee and 3CoconutMonkey

Custom Vinyl Figure Contest

Stan Lee’s Pow Entertainment and 3CoconutMonkey Studios are hosting a custom vinyl figure design contest. See contest details below: The contest officially begins May1st, 2013.YO! enthusiasts can enter by emailing pictures of their finished customs for the all world to see. All entries will be approved, and then posted to several affiliate websites as well […]