Check Out The Latest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

There’s not a ton of action in the lasted trailer for The Dark Knight Rises but it does seem to fill in a lot of plot holes. Batman and Catwoman as allies? Check. Bane beating Batman but allowing him to live? Check. Batman willing to give his live to save Gotham? Check. Now for the surprises. Was that Bruce kissing Talia Al Ghul at the end? Does Catwoman know Batman’s identity? Did Hines Ward survive the explosion at Gotham Stadium? Did Bane leave Batman to die at the bottom of a cave (potentially with a broken back, hence the wheelchair earlier in the trailer)? July 20th can’t come soon enough.

One thought on “Check Out The Latest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Tony Lee says:

    After watching this trailer on your blog, I got chills. It was truly outstanding and I now really want to go and see the dark knight rises. It seems like this movie is going to be even better than the one before it. I loved to watch the joker and everything, but now things are going to be so different. Im sure its going to be worth it though!

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