Comcast Working on AnyPlay Box for In-Home Streaming to Tablets

It looks like Comcast has a cable streaming box in the works that will allow you access to Comcast’s TV lineup on you tablet. The only caveat is that you have to be on your home network to use it.

source: MacRumors

One thought on “Comcast Working on AnyPlay Box for In-Home Streaming to Tablets

  1. jason says:

    Comcast’s app will have the same flaws as TWC and Cablevision as well, which is the limitations of streaming being only within your own house, keeping it from ever being called TV Everywhere. I have been using my sling adapter for over a year now, it allows me to stream all of my live subscribed channels and all my recorded shows to my iPad no matter where I am, which is true TV Everywhere, not TV Only under my own Wifi umbrella. Working at DISH didn’t even come into my thought process when I decided to go the route of the sling adapter, I looked at all my choices, and this was the only one that let me control how I wanted to watch my television, and where I want to watch my television.

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