Disappointed with Motorola and Verizon

When I first got my Droid X almost two years ago, I was blown away. Motorola and Verizon’s flagship Android smartphone was nothing short of amazing. It had it’s flaws but it did everything I needed it to do and it did it well.

Jump ahead to the release of Moto and Verizon’s next flagship Droid, the Droid Bionic on September 8, 2011, which was marketed as the next great Verizon smartphone and you’d expect a great device and hopefully a year before next big Moto phone. Being a tech junkie, I jumped on the Bionic bandwagon and aside from losing data multiple times daily, I thought it was a nice phone. So it was a big surprise that only two months later, Verizon and Motorola would be releasing the Droid RAZR, which topped the Droid Bionic in almost every way. This is where I started to get mad. Not only did I buy a flawed phone, but I bought it under the premise that it would be top of the line for at least a little while.

Now I know that technology is always upgrading and new phones are always right around the corner, but it was strange to see two Motorola phones in the same class coming out right after each other. You’d never see apple release the iPhone 5 and then release the iPhone 6 only a month later, so I don’t expect this from Motorola. That being said, I sold my Droid Bionic and moved up to the Galaxy Nexus and I couldn’t be happier.

It comes as no surprise now to see the Motorola is doing the same thing again by releasing the Droid RAZR MAXX on January 26, 2011. I guess Motorola and Verizon are trying to take full advantage of early adopters. Hopefully we’ll all learn a little patience and wait things out, especially with the flurry of bugs that Motorola devices have been seeing lately. Or maybe, people will do I like did and swear offMotorola devices altogether (at least until the next big smartphone release).

One thought on “Disappointed with Motorola and Verizon

  1. Felix says:

    Good post. I don’t even like Motorola products right from time. It’s a good thing that Google is now trying to buy it. Maybe they will tend to follow the tech trend just like the Apples’.

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