Game Review – Blast Monkeys for Android and iOS

Blast Monkeys is an insanely addictive puzzle-like adventure game where you navigate Moki the Monkey through a series of levels. The point of each level is the reach the goal while collecting bananas along the way. Each level has 3 bananas to collect, although they are often difficult to obtain.

Blast Monkeys currently has 4 worlds to play, but the guys at Yobonja are hard at work on some new levels. In the Jungle World, you navigate Moki through a maze of moving platforms and anti-gravity bubbles. The Mountain World adds cannons that require perfect timing to avoid a spikey death. The Factory World takes the timing a step further as you negotiate your way through timed electrical fields. In the most recently released world, Water World, you need to move Moki through unidirectional currents while avoiding blowfish that look like Jasper from The Simpsons.

All in all, Blast Monkeys provides a nice mix of timing, puzzles and some frustratingly hard levels. A lot of the levels are fairly easy to beat, but get pretty damn hard when you’re trying to get all 3 bananas. For me, Blast Monkeys has completely eradicated my Angry Birds addiction, and even if it doesn’t do the same for you, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy it.

If you haven’t played Blast Monkeys yet, get it now:


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