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Android Workout Apps

android-workoutAt the beginning of a new year, it is traditional to sit down to make New Year resolutions. But, by the end of January, many of us are struggling to keep up our new regimes. When your willpower begins to fail, your android mobile phone can become your best buddy. See the full list after the break.

Ultimate Food Value Diary 2013 Edition:

ultimate-food-value-diary-androidThis recently updated android app allows you to stick to your diet and exercise regime by helping to count calories consumed and calories burned. You can tailor the program to meet your own specific requirements: whether you want to lose weight, build yourself up, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, this android app will keep you on track. This healthy app is quick and easy to use simply scan the barcode with your camera to get the nutritional values of the item. You can combine items in the Menu Maker for a summary of what each portion will contain. The food diary will ensure that no sweet treats are left unaccounted for at the end of each day.

Eating out is no longer a gamble when it comes to calories. Ultimate Food Value Diary 2013 Edition contains the calorie settings for over 180 popular restaurants.

Track your progress as you lose weight. Simply review your weight loss to date to give that much needed boost when your willpower is weakening.

Workout Trainer:

workout-trainer-androidIf a personal trainer is outwith your budget, but you need some motivation to get you up and exercising, download Workout Trainer. You can design a workout to suit your needs target those flabby arms or tone those thighs! Pop on your headphones and the coaches will inspire you to push yourself a little harder each time. Built in rest periods ensure that you work within your chosen schedule.

The updated version of this android app allows you to chat with other exercise enthusiasts in community forums. This android app is free to download and for basic workouts, although you can pay to upgrade to Pro workouts if you wish to do so.

This android app allows you to set reminders to ensure that you are prompted to exercise no more excuses.

Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation:

qi-gong-meditation-androidEnsure that your mind is as healthy as your body with the Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation android app. Relax as listen as the audio meditation talks you in to a state of inner peace and tranquility. With over ten different relaxation scenarios to choose from, you can choose an option that suits your relaxation style. The combination of relaxation, controlled breathing and guided imagery can help to soothe and center an active mind.

This app can help to reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep, giving you a much needed boost for 2013.

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