Iron Man 3 Trailer Released – Watch Now!


It certainly seems like Iron Man 3 is going to have a darker tone than the previous two. So we get to see Tony Stark talking to Pepper Potts about how New York (The Avengers) changed him and he needs to be able to protect her. Next thing you know – BAM – his mansion gets attacked and Stark and Potts are in the ocean. There is some definite teasing that Pepper is in danger and Tony may be left without his armor (at the very end, you get to see Tony dragging his suit behind him).

Also, what the hell is up with the Iron Man suit waking up Pepper and Tony? Was that fancy head gear he had on earlier some means of controlling the suit without him in it? He said earlier that he can’t sleep. Is that because when he does he’s having nightmares and his suit is being controlled by his sleeping mind? Hit up the comments with your theories.


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