JoeMobi Launches Android and Blackberry App Builder for WordPress Blogs

JoeMobi just announced an upgrade to their Blackberry App building services by now including the ability to create an Android app version of your WordPress blog. Right now the service is in open beta testing (and free) but the team at JoeMobi is hard at work on iOS, HTML5 and Drupal support.

I went ahead and built my own app and it was a relatively easy process. You have to provide your own graphics, but they do provide templates to start with. Overall, the app is a very nice, customized package and not just my website wrapped in an app template. You can check out the King of All Geeks app for both Android and Blackberry here.

I would love to see this service grow and eventually include ads. Maybe they can even work out some kind of ad rotation where they take a cut of the ad revenue so that the service can remain free. Overall, I’d say this is the best free app builder around for anyone running a WordPress blog.

source: JoeMobi, Android Central



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