My Embrace of the dark side

A part of me knew that it would happen eventually. There was no way around it. It’s just too difficult to be a tech/web geek these days while trying to avoid Apple products. I’ve always despised their locked-down nature. Why should I have to use itunes? Why can’t I use an iPod in mass storage mode? Why the hell is a macbook so expensive? Price, more than anything has probably kept me from crossing over sooner, but as I found out, Apple makes it hard to avoid their products.

I decided recently that I wanted to get into programming (or more likely paying others to program) apps for android and iOS. What I came to find out, which didn’t really surprise me, is that Apple is a dick even when it comes to developers wanting to publish to their platforms. First off, they charge $99 a year to be a developer for iOS (Android only charges $25). After you pay your fee, you are free to download their Software Developers Kit (SDK) called XCODE, only it doesn’t support Windows. Not a surprise, but a little off-putting since you would think they would want all developers programming for their app store. My first app was coded by a programmer I found on, so I wasn’t in a pickle yet. He sent the files over, I created my developer account and went to upload my first app. As it turns out, you can only upload apps through a program that, you guessed it, is only available on a Mac.

From there, I tried to get one over on Apple. I figured that I’d hackintosh a 2 year old laptop I had laying around. I did my research and found a version of OSX 10.5 (Leopard) that would work on my laptop. I went through all the dirty work, got everything up and running and was very pleased with myself, only to have all my excitement dashed when I found out the hard way that you need OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in order to upload apps. At this point I had exhausted myself and couldn’t find any upgrade resources. Apple had won….

I ended up buying a new 13″ MacBook Pro and a refurbed 4th gen 32gb iPod touch (to test apps) and I have say that I’m surprisingly happy with my purchases. I did some shopping around and got great deals, otherwise I might be a little bitter. Both products are aesthetically beautiful and easy to use. I’m not ready to trade-in my android phone or my Windows 7 desktop but I can see why Apple products are so appealing.

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