New Amazing Android Games – Guest Post

New Android Games

New Android Games

There are plenty of android lovers across the globe. People fall in love with attractive android apps especially amazing games instantly. Jump past the break for a list of new amazing games for android.


Dark Hunt HDDarkHunt HD: In short it is a duck hunt. You have to get ready with your short gun. Switch on the flash light and shoot some ducks. This game will offer you more fun and joy than any other. To survive whole night you have to point and hunt with the help of your short gun equipped with a flashlight.


International Boxing ChampionsInternational Boxing Champions: In general this game does not have Mike Tyson. But, it has come up with similar fundamental bob and weaves. It is a classic arcade action that is available only on android. Boost your finger to fight against the 8 most toughest boxers across the world. This game has 9 super combos, 2 tournaments, 5 power ups and 288 medals.


Your City 3DYourCity 3D: It is complete 3D city live wallpaper generated by computer. The latest version is available at 33% reduced price for November. Basically this city is built up polygon by polygon, pixel by pixel. You have to take an aerial tour and also have to fly through the total streets of your personalised city. At the same time you have to take colourful displays and bright lights in order to decorate your city.

Paper MonstersPaper monsters: It is one of the effective platforms to hit mobile market. In this game you have to drive into the planet of paper monsters. You can watch a living world that is made of paper, cotton balls and cardboard. This game allows you to use all of traditional elements in 2D.

Beat Hazard UltraBeat Hazard Ultra: This app allows you to enjoy your favourite music on the go with a new twist. Considered as one of the best game, this application is sure to conquer your music files. There are a few minor disadvantages as in you need to have music files in your SD card and you cannot play the ones available in Google Cloud. The overall review of this game is totally INCREDIBLE!

Waking MarsWaking Mars: It is a simple platform structure with surprisingly intense story. In this game you have to master jumping, xenobiotic horticulture and running to come to an end. If your mission is trapped by cave-in, you have to guide the alien ecosystem to fight against and to survive. While running, you can make decisions that determines destiny of the lost planet.

Zombie HighwayZombie Highway: In this game you have to hit zombies as a traditional third person. Basically it was rebuilt from the android group. A redesigned user interface allows you to unlock the weapons quickly and play soon.
These are the latest amazing games from android. You can download them from your android devices and enjoy playing.

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