New Amazing Spider-Man Movie Pics Released

EW released a few pics from the new Amazing Spider-Man. A couple of thoughts from the pictures that were released:

-Andrew Garfield has some old-looking hands and an alien shaped head (with the mask on).

-Emma Stone looks good as a blonde (Gwen Stacy) and is already a huge upgrade over Kirsten Dunst.

-The suit looks a bit rubbery, but I’m kinda digging it.

-Hell Yeah to mechanical web shooters. It should have been this way in original trilogy.

-I’m hoping we get to see more of Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) before he dies.

-Sally Field as Aunt May? Meh.

-Does Gwen Stacy find out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

-How long until someone on instructables posts their homemade web-shooters?

All in all, I’d say the new movie looks promising. The comics spent much more time on the high school years and there a ton of good stories to tell there.

More pics after the break. Hit up EW to see the full spread.

Source: EW

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