Nook Color Doubles as Most Expensive Refrigerator Magnet

wabyrd over at the Android Central Forums, posted details on his Nook Color Refrigerator Tablet. He has the tablet in a case and fastened with neodymium magnets. He’s currently running the following apps / widgets:

Fancy Widget for weather/time
Cloudlist (for the grocery list and sync’d to DINC2s)
Google Maps with Latitude (we both have long commutes, easy to see where the other is)
GMail (both of our accounts added for quick access to the inbox)
Days until widget (countdown for important events like kid birthdays, xmas, etc.)
SlingPlayer (TV in the kitchen)
Netflix (why not?)
Iheartradio and Pandora (tunes in the kitchen)
Calwidget (displays current agenda)
Desktop shortcut to the wife’s recipe folder on Windows Home Server
Pizza Hut app (for when she doesn’t want to cook)

Be sure to check out the source thread below.


source: Android Central

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