Review: Lion-O Mega-Scale Action Figure

I got home today and found my Lion-O Mega-Scale 14″ Action Figure waiting for me. I ripped the box open before I could even take any pictures, and I have to say that this thing is awesome and a must-have for any Thundercats fan.

Lion-O’s body is 14″ tall but when he’s holding the Sword of Omens, the figure reaches over 20″ tall. The color and the detail are amazing and with 8 points of articulation (both wrists, both arms, both feet, waist and head), you can work Lion-O into any number of poses. Also included are a plain left hand, the claw shield and two versions of the Sword of Omens. The only thing I can hope for now is a Mega-Scale Mumm-Ra so the two can battle on my bookshelf.

Check out some more pictures after the break.

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