In case you haven’t seen yet, Skeletor of Eternia has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming presidential election.I’d like to joke and say that a vote for Skeletor is a wasted vote, but I’m not too impressed with his competition.

Skeletor’s Platform:

Check back, I’ll be updating my platform often…

1. Legalize Medicinal Marijuana (this glaucoma is killing me!)

2. Legalize abortion (this world has enough assholes in it as it is)

3. Tax the hell out of the rich (it’s about time someone broke up this rich boy’s club)

4. Force year-round sales of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

5. Fight terror with terror (Who’s feelin’ me?)

Seems better than the Republican candidates.


source:  Skeletor for President