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Kickstarter Update: GameStick Adds Features

GameStick Dock With Accessories

After going over $400,000 in pledges, the makers of GameStick (see our original post here) announced the GameStick Dock, amulti-function accessory that allows you to wirelessly charge the GameStick controller, store content on a full sized SD card, connect peripherals and using APS, power the stick. The dock is an optional accessory but is sure […]

Kickstarter Spotlight: GameStick – Portable Android (TV) Games Console


There are a lot of projects going on at Kickstarter, but every once in a while I find one that catches my eye. Well, GameStick caught my eye and opened my wallet before I could even finish reading the description. I stumbled onto the listing on their opening day and I’m glad that I did, […]

Top Christmas Gifts for Geeks – 2012

Ho Ho Ho

  If you’re like me, then you haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet. If you’re still looking for a great gift for that special geek in your life, then look no further. All items after the break are King of All Geeks approved. Gift ideas are in no special order.