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Disappointed with Motorola and Verizon

When I first got my Droid X almost two years ago, I was blown away. Motorola and Verizon’s flagship Android smartphone was nothing short of amazing. It had it’s flaws but it did everything I needed it to do and it did it well. Jump ahead to the release of Moto and Verizon’s next flagship […]

I Finally Got My Droid Bionic (No Thanks to Costco Wireless or LetsTalk.com)

After a long struggle with both Costco Wireless and Let’s Talk, I finally got my Droid Bionic. I initially ordered my Bionic from Costco Wireless on the phone’s release date mainly because they were offering a pretty sweet bundle featuring an extra battery, battery charger, home dock and mobile dock for $280. At the time, […]

Use Droid Bionic Mobile Hotspot for Free

I’m still waiting for my Bionic to arrive and I’m getting a little more excited by the day. The Bionic is already rooted and now it looks like you can easily set it up to use the hotspot feature for free. Now some people, including Verizon, may see this as illegal, but you’re paying for […]