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The Man of Steel – Trailer #2

Man Of Steel Logo

  The second trailer for The Man of Steel is one of those trailers that throws a lot at you but doesn’t really give you too much. A lot of back-story, some shots of Superman, Zod and Lois, but no real action and no idea of the main story. Sure, we know Zod is there […]

Two Teaser Trailers for The Man Of Steel

Visually, they’re the same trailer, only one features the voice of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and the other features Pa Kent (Kevin Costner). I’m not sure if these are shown randomly attached to The Dark Knight Rises, but I saw the Jor-El version in the IMAX screening and the Pa Kent version in the regular screening. […]

Some Information About The Man of Steel Movie

Collider posted some details about the Man of Steel movie provided by an insider who was lucky enough to view a sizzle reel featuring the clips. Potential spoilers below: I’m a visual effects supervisor for the upcoming filmAfter.Earth, the M. Night picture. I’ve also done work on Avatar,Iron Man, and Sin City. I’m on IMDb. I’ll admit I check […]