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Professor X’s Wheels from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past”

Professor X Wheelchairs from Days of Future Past

Wasn’t Doc Brown worried about what would happen to the time continuum if you bumped into yourself? Well the X-Men don’t attend the Doc Brown School for the Gifted, they attend Professor X’s school, where warning past versions of yourselves about the future is a-okay. And while the picture above doesn’t necessarily mean that the […]

Marvel Minimalist Posters Volume 2 by Marko Manev

Venom Minimalist

I can’t get enough of Marko Manev’s work.I’ve already showed you hisSuperhero Noir,Marvel Minimalist and Watchmen Minimalist posters. Now I’m sharing Volume 2 of the Marvel Minimalist posters. Check out the full gallery below.

Is There An X-Men Cameo in The Wolverine? (Potential SPOILER)

  It seems that Famke Janssen, Jean Grey from X-Men, flew out to Australia to film a cameo for The Wolverine. From the X-Men movies, Jean showed no recollection of having met Logan before, but maybe Professor X was up to his old tricks.   source: AICN

Review – X-Men: Prelude to Schism

X-Men: Prelude to Schism is a four issue arc dealing with the events leading up to X-Men: Schism. Each issue covers a private conversation between Cyclops and one of the X-Men and is a build-up to a big decision that needs to be made by the Leader of the X-Men. Jump past the break to […]