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David S. Goyer Discusses Man of Steel

Man Of Steel Logo

People around Man of Steel have been fairly tight-lipped, so even one blurb from David S. Goyer is a big deal. “We’re approaching Superman as if it weren’t a comic book movie as if it were real….I adore the Donner films. Absolutely adore them. It just struck me that there was an idealist quality to […]

The Man of Steel – Trailer #2

Man Of Steel Logo

  The second trailer for The Man of Steel is one of those trailers that throws a lot at you but doesn’t really give you too much. A lot of back-story, some shots of Superman, Zod and Lois, but no real action and no idea of the main story. Sure, we know Zod is there […]

The Man Of Steel Action Figure Prototypes

Man of Steel Action figure prototype 2

It looks like a few prototypes of Superman action figures from the new Man Of Steel movie have leaked. Nothing too spoilery and not too much to look at, as they’re raw, unfinished figures. Check out some more pics after the break.

Two Teaser Trailers for The Man Of Steel

Visually, they’re the same trailer, only one features the voice of Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and the other features Pa Kent (Kevin Costner). I’m not sure if these are shown randomly attached to The Dark Knight Rises, but I saw the Jor-El version in the IMAX screening and the Pa Kent version in the regular screening. […]