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9 Cosplay Ideas For Comic Con 2016

Comic book movies have invaded pop culture giving cosplayers a ton of great options for their next costume. Based on the current movie landscape, here are 9 cosplay ideas that will be big hits at comic con in 2016. Deadpool – Movie Version Deadpool cosplayers are a staple of every comic book convention. With the success of […]

Superheroes Caught In The Act

Darth Vader Caught In The Act

  The source page is a few years old, but it’s something I don’t remember seeing before. Photos are by Ian Pool but it appears that his website is down. Pics are still up at the source link. Full gallery is after the break.  

Justice League Movie Gets a Green Light

  It looks like Warner Brothers is accelerating the development of a big screen Justice League movie and they’re hoping for a Summer 2015 release. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with securing the rights to Superman, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they wanted to have the release around […]