The Three Funniest Plots In Video Game History

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funny-pictures-rabbit-plays-video-games6Video games are thought of in many ways, but rarely do people laud them for their sense of humor. The truth is, funny video games come out every year, but are usually lost in the hype of the latest AAA shooter or open world action adventure game. However, many people still turn on their computers or video game systems looking for a good laugh or some top notch writing. If you find yourself craving a video game that brings the laughs, take a look at the top three funniest video game plots in history. Jump past the break to see the list.

Third Place: Sam and Max Hit the Road

Sam_&_Max_Hit_the_RoadSam and Max Hit the Road is one of the classic point and click adventure games that has the player taking control of the lovable crime solving detective Sam, who is a dog. Along with his best friend, the homicidal maniac of a rabbit named Max, they must solve the mystery of a missing Bigfoot from a nearby carnival. The game puts the player in a number of hilarious situations while trekking through the country from tourist trap to tourist trap.



Second Place: Portal

PortalPortal is a game that has taken the gaming community by storm. The players solve a series of puzzles involving a gun that shoots portals through space in order to escape from a horrible testing facility. The game creates most of its humor through incredible writing, from a computer system that guides the player through the location. The computer system is pure evil, but interaacts with the player in a fun and loving sort of way that inspires a number of hysterical situations.



First Place: Day of the Tentacle

Day-of-the-tentacleThis is an obvious choice for number one for those familiar with the game. In it, the player takes control of three different people who get flushed (quite literally, down a time traveling toilet) through time to three different periods. Hoagie, the obese lover of rock and roll, is stuck around the time the constitution is being drafted. Bernard, the nerdy protagonist, is in present day, and Laverne, the spicy, not-quite-there woman is stuck 200 years in the future. The characters must figure out how to repair their time machines, which involves a great deal of flushing items back and forth. By the time the player finishes the game, he or she will have written a constitutional amendment requiring vacuum cleaners in every basement, pushed an old lady down the stairs, mutated a hamster in a microwave and much more.


There are a number of games that did not make the list due to space constraints, but a play through of these three games will show just how funny video games can be. No matter how old you are or how much experience you have with video games, you are sure to pull something funny and surprising from all three games on this list.

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