TV Review: Prophets of Science Fiction Episode 2

I finally got around to checking out Prophets of Science Fiction on the Science Channel and I’m glad that I did. From Executive Producer (and acclaimed director) Ridley Scott, Prophets of Science Fiction tells how the Science Fiction of the past has become the Science of the present. This week’s episode was on the famed author Philip K. Dick, whose numerous pieces of work have been made into hugely popular movies including The Minority Report, Total Recall and Blade Runner.

Before watching this episode, I knew of Philip K. Dick and some of his books but I have never read any and didn’t know much about him otherwise. Prophets of Science Fiction did a good job giving background on Dick and showing how his life influenced his writing, which in turn influenced Science Fiction as a whole. After watching this week’s episode, I’m interested in reading some (all) of his books and rewatch all of the movies based on them (which Dick himself never got to see).

Overall, I thought Prophets of Science Fiction was a great show and provided a nice mix of commentary and background on the author. I’m looking forward to future episodes focusing on H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov and Jules Verne among others.

source: Science Channel

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