What Is The Best Day To Attend A Comic Book Convention?

The Best Day To Attend Comic Con

Depending on the comic book convention, you’ll most likely have to choose what day or days to attend. Smaller cons might take place over one or two days, while larger conventions might take place over four days. Every day will be a little different, with a unique set of guests and panels. The good news is […]

11 Best Comic Con Tips For First Time Attendees

If you’re getting ready to attend your first comic book convention, then this list is perfect for you! I’ve put together my 11 best comic con tips for attending your first con. What To Wear To Comic Con Wear Comfortable Shoes and Clothing. This is probably the most important tip for attending your first comic con, and […]

13 Things To Do At San Diego Comic Con If You Don’t Have A Badge

13 Things To Do At San Diego Comic Con If You Don't Have A Badge

If you didn’t get tickets to Comic-Con International: San Diego, then you might be in luck. For those of you who are going to be in the San Diego area during Comic Con, there are plenty of things to do without a badge. Kim from Outside Comic Con was nice enough to help me put the following […]

9 Cosplay Ideas For Comic Con 2016

Comic book movies have invaded pop culture giving cosplayers a ton of great options for their next costume. Based on the current movie landscape, here are 9 cosplay ideas that will be big hits at comic con in 2016. Deadpool – Movie Version Deadpool cosplayers are a staple of every comic book convention. With the success of […]