Just Received My Biochemies Sticker Set

A while back, I lent my support to the Biochemies Kickstarter project which was raising money to createa set of DNA molecule plush dolls that magnetically-interact where they naturally hydrogen bond. The project was successfully funded and my stickers arrived yesterday. These stuffed dolls are a good way to get kids interested in science at a young age, so if you’re looking for a cool geeky gift for your kids, check out the Biochemies website.

2 thoughts on “Just Received My Biochemies Sticker Set

  1. Rebecca Lindquist says:

    Oh my gosh! I want these!! I am a science major and these would be awesome to “accessorize” my notebooks, laptop and desktop! Lol. Thanks for sharing the link, because I was just going to ask where to get these!

  2. Claire Hammond says:

    Super cute! I’m not really into science all that much but my boyfriend would absolutely love these! We both love the Big Bang Theory and these look like something Sheldon Cooper would own! LOL.

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