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Trailers and Teasers- CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, THOR 2 and X-MEN: DOFP


Damn it was a busy day for superhero flicks. Today we got the first trailer forCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, a new trailer forThor: The Dark World, and a Vine teaser for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Tough to pick a winner out of this crowd, but Cap looks surprisingly better than I expected. Captain […]

Viral Advertising For CARRIE Looks Better Than The Movie

Carrie (2013)

Many would argue thatCarrieis a classic and didn’t need to be remade, so I don’t feel too bad stating that I’d rather watch more of the same prank seen below than actually watch the remake.     I like how they showed the setup and what goes into setting a scene with special effects and […]

This Week’s Trailers: ‘Machete Kills’, ‘Frankenstein’s Army’ & ‘Man of Steel’

Machete Kills

Another week and anotherMan of Steeltrailer. This one is pretty much all action and should be everything you need to convince you that this is a sure blockbuster. Up next is the World War II piece, Frankenstein’s Army,about an army of German monsters, created from parts of different humans and weapons. It looks campy, gory […]

This Week’s Trailers: ‘The Wolverine’ and ‘Man of Steel’

The Wolverine Trailer

This week new trailers were released forThe WolverineandMan of Steel.The Wolverine trailer is filled with action and ninjas, but took a turn for the worse once The Silver Samurai appears. The special effects don’t look good and he ends up being a bit clunky. Otherwise, it was a kick-ass trailer for what will hopefully be […]