Community Spotlight – Project: Rooftop

Project: Rooftop is a site showcasing user submitted art featuring their favorite superheroes and villains:

Project: Rooftop is where cartoonists and illustrators bring their costume design skills to task in tribute to the superheroes and villains we’ve grown up with. This site is intended to promote the idea of superhero costume redesigning as a skill, specific to superhero media. We also aim to foster continued interest for these amazing characters and spotlight up-and-coming creators.

All characters are copyrights and trademarks of the respective publishers and creators. All of the designs here were created not for profit. This site is used solely for artistic enjoyment.

Project: Rooftop features a good deal of redesigns/re-imaginings and even host contests such as the Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Contest. The winner from that contest, in which the artists showcased their best attempt at a Spider-Man redesign, is shown below.

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