Geeky Drinking Games for the College-Aged

Drinking Games for Geeks

You can only play beer pong so many times, and frat parties just arent as cool as they used to be. These days, geek style is whats happening. On college campuses, even Greeks are embracing nerdy new drinking games even those that involve Star Trek and video games.

Video games are such a huge part of youth culture that there isnt anyone out there who hasnt played one at least once, and its not unusual to have more than one game consul hooked up to the flat screen in the living room.

To set up a college-style Classic Video Game Night, all you need is a multiplayer edition of Bomberman Ultra or Ultraman, your trusty game consul, Mario Party, N64, the proper glassware, beer, and sake. The rules are that if you die, you must drink a beer. If you kill yourself, you take a shot of sake. If you are killed by a bomb, you must drop a shot of sake in a beer and drink the whole sake bomb.

source: Geek’s Party Guide

Drinking Games for Geeks

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